Victoria Rampado the G.O.A.T

By: Breanne Guevara

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Via Rampados Instagram

Victoria Rampado has officially become the G.O.A.T for the women’s basketball program at Niagara University. Currently in her fifth year at NU, Rampado has made a name for herself from the moment she stepped on the court.

Rampado is tied for fifth place for the most rebounds making history during the Monmouth game on Feb 15 and at Iona Feb 20 2014. After her freshmen year Rampado was awarded All Rookie Team and Rookie of the Year by the NCCA. During Rampado’s sophomore year she continued the journey to success, achieving the MAAC all-Conference Team, Rampado made second team during the 2014-2015 season. During her Junior year her talents just kept getting better and better, she was not only defensively amazing but offensively too. At the end of the 2016-2017 season Rampado broke the free throw record having 122 made free throws, she had 236 rebounds she became 7th for most rebounds, She currently has 603 rebounds, and 424 field goal attempts. From 2013- to present day Rampado has 58 blocks. For every season after 2014 Ramapdo has made MAAC all-academic team.

The 2017-2018 is Ramapo’s red shirt season year, Rampado’s red shirt year was due to her shoulder injury. On Jan 6th 2016 Rampado underwent shoulder surgery to repair her labrum. Even though this injury was a setback for Ramapdo, it did not show in her comeback. Exactly a year later on Jan 6th 2017 Rampado scored over 1,000 points in her College Career with 1,188 points. Coming back from an injury that significant, is not an easy task it takes more than a strong mental and physical aspect, it takes a work ethic that matches. When asked in a press conference Coach Jada Pierce was asked about the influence Rampado has on the team dynamic, and she said “Victoria has a tremendous work ethic, that really spreads through the whole team. Her attitude has been stellar all season..she has welcomed the attention and really has thrived as being a leader for our team on and off the court.”

“Coming in as a freshmen I would get the ball and travel every time, I think maturity is what got me this far, and my work ethic. Working on and off the court and having a positive attitude. My teammates and my coaching staff believe in me so I go out there and I play for them.” Rampado is just as humble as she is talented. In her last season as a purple eagle, Rampado has become the highest scoring player for the women’s basketball  after her 41 point performance against Siena on Jan. 7th.  program and made the All MAAC first team. Lastly, while at the MAAC playoffs in Albany, New York Rampado was awarded Player of the Year out of all the female basketball players in the MAAC conference. Becoming the third player in Niagara’s history to get this title.  An incredible honor, and one of many accomplishments within the last 5 years.

Victoria Rampado is the greatest player that has ever stepped on the court at Niagara University and will be a great presence missed by coaches and players. In an interview teammate, Jai Moore said,  “Victoria shows me on and off the court different things, i was pushed by and motivated by her, Victoria has been a huge part of my player development.” Rampado’s legacy is something that will be talked about forever, not only does she influences the game. she influences the people around her and that is what will truly be missed.

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