Strangers: Prey at Night- Another disappointing sequel?

Recently, “The Strangers: Prey at Night” premiered, 10 years after the original “The Strangers” came out. Taken place in a secluded trailer park, the story follows the same three invaders who target an emotionally struggling family of four. The film gives a deep background on the family and their troubles with their daughter Kinsey, who they were planning on taking to boarding school. Obviously their plans are cut short upon the discovery of their murdered aunt and uncle.

Once the sadism commences, a lot of arterial wounds can be expected. If you’re not a fan of gore, you won’t be a fan of this film. Through out the quick hour and twenty-five minutes, there are plenty of occasionally-effective jump scares and stereotypical misjudgments from the characters. The audience in a local Buffalo theater couldn’t contain their shouts of disapproval after many choices made by the protagonists. The middle of the film was not terrible by any means, just a lot of unrealistic points.(like most horror films) Unlike the original, Kinsey and her brother Luke have better luck fighting back. Overall, this film focuses much more on emotion rather than totally mutilating people.

What ruined the film though, like many others which have come before it, was the ending. Without giving too much away, the ending was underwhelming, barely made sense and was beyond drawn out. Was this the worst horror film known to man though? Not at all. Based on the original, I had extremely high expectations for this film that were not fully met. If anyone is planning on seeing this arguably 3 star motion picture, make time to see the original too.

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