Rachel MacCheyne: Student-Athlete Profile

Picture from purpleeagles.com

By Franklin Heinzmann

NIAGARA UNIVERSITY, N.Y. – Rachel MacCheyne has been tearing it up this season for the Purple Eagles. As of March 20, MacCheyne currently leads both the Purple Eagles and the entire MAAC in goals (26) and points (34). Her 3.25 AVG/G, Goals Per Game, is good for third overall in the MAAC. MacCheyne’s success this year has been a result of her preparation leading up to this season.

“The most important part of my routine is working hard to improve, especially in the off-season,” MacCheyne said. “Whether it be in practices with the team or staying in shape at home during the summer, I believe the off-season extra work was an extremely important part of my success last year.”

With someone who works as hard, and is as talented as MacCheyne, it’s clear to see how she put together a 2017 season that resulted in her breaking the Niagara single-season record for goals and points and earning All-MAAC First Team honors. MacCheyne likes the idea of having Niagara’s single-season record for goals and points, but knows it can get broken.

“I don’t know how long my record will last,” MacCheyne said. “Coach Wendy [Stone] has done a great job recruiting and coaching, so each year Niagara Lacrosse is improving. With the change of rules and pace of the game, the record could be shattered at any time.”

The team as a whole hasn’t been doing so well, as of late. As of March 20, The Purple Eagles are 3-5 and on a five game losing streak. Despite being on a tough losing streak, MacCheyne puts a spin on what normally would be a demoralizing start to the season.

“Our first few wins were huge for us and more recently played competitive teams where we fell short of a few wins,” MacCheyne said. “The positive result of playing these difficult games has led us as a team to be more resilient and competitive, so our overall game will be improved when we face MAAC opponents.”

As for the future, MacCheyne has been considering a career in lacrosse after she plays her last game for the Purple Eagles.

“I haven’t thought too much into the future, but I am potentially interested in playing in one of the recently formed women’s professional lacrosse leagues,” MacCheyne said. “I also may be interested in pursuing coaching in the future.”

You may see MacCheyne in the Women’s Professional Lacrosse League or the United Women’s Lacrosse League someday, but the next time you can see MacCheyne and the Purple Eagles at home is on April 11 when they host Siena.











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