An unforgettable set of potatoes





NIAGARA UNIVERSITY, N.Y.- Niagara University’s theatre department recently finished up their rendition of “Potato People in School Daze” at the Castellani Art Museum. This production ran from Feb. 15 to the 18 and was capped at about an hour for each performance. This show follows Nancy Potato (Amelia Roque) as she navigates her way through her first day of school.

“play is not like other plays, mainly because there were no words spoken. Throughout the performance, the audience grew to understand the plot of the play based off of the actions of the characters. The actors also had to wear big masks representing the type of character they played. For instance, Momma Potato’s (Ashton DeCaro) hair, which is attached to the mask, had attained a few roller curlers, representing a mother’s hair in the morning before she had started her day. Along with Momma Potato, Nancy Potato’s hair was bright red and had yellow bows, portraying a child-like appearance.

Although there were no words in a script-like form, the play was not silent to watch. There were different instrumental songs played throughout the show to match the type of scene that was happening. If there was a hectic scene, the song was quick. If there was a sad scene, the song was somber.

The performance as a whole was fantastic. When one hears that a show may not be exactly what they thought it was going to be, such as not including voice, they may be hesitant to see said performance. This wasn’t the case though. The audience roared with laughter practically the entire time and smiles were cast across the crowd. It’s not always about using your voice to make a great show, it’s the enthusiasm and energy from the actors and wonderful crew that make for a remembered performance.

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