A healthier lifestyle on campus

By Akira Thornton

For every college student it is a challenge to eat healthier on campus. Balancing school, a job, hobbies, and a social life, many students find it difficult to pick up a nutritional meal throughout the day.  According to a study of student eating habits published in the Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior Studies, shows that college students aren’t even eating one serving of fruits and vegetables throughout there day. The reasoning for this unhealthy food selection? Affordability and convenience. Many students have every intention on eating healthier on campus but sometimes it can feel like our options are limited. However, a healthy lifestyle on campus is possible, there are healthy selections all around campus that often times go overlooked among students. The average person should consume around 2,000 calories a day in order to maintain a healthy diet, so here is a breakdown of some options on campus to assist you in leading a healthier lifestyle at Niagara.

In the Gallagher Center there is a plethora of fruit and vegetable options.  A cup of mixed fruit located in the corner store in the Gallagher Center, has a calorie count of 54 calories, and is a generally healthy breakfast option, or snack. Another option that is underrated in Gallagher is the smoothie station, where you can pick among mixed fruits to create your very own custom smoothie. This smoothie calculates to about 188 calories, and is an overall healthy alternative if you are on the go and need something to sip on between classes. Lastly, for breakfast if you wish to eat something a little more filling a breakfast sandwich from Tim Horton’s is a considerable option. Specifically, cheese and egg on a wheat bagel, this sums up to about 400 calories. In the dining hall there is also a sufficient amount of breakfast options, which include a gluten free section, as well as an omelet station where you are able to pick any condiments of your choosing. A vegetable omelette approximately adds up to about  216 calories, depending on how many servings of vegetables you use, as well as how many eggs the omelette contains.

For lunch and dinner, the dining hall has a salad station where you are able to choose from any vegetables and fruits they offer. A salad comes out to around 291 calories, and you can also add white meat chicken and dressing onto this salad if you please. If you are looking for something that contains more food groups, the dining hall almost always has a meat or pasta station during dinner and lunch hours. The calorie intake for a plate of pasta is 415 calories, and for a piece of white meat chicken, boiled or baked, is about 126 calories.

Overall, there is many healthy options all around campus, whether it’s located in the dining hall or in the Gallagher Center. Sometimes it may seem a bit discouraging as a college student being surrounded by fried foods; however, we don’t have to cave. The healthier alternative is out there, we just have to be willing to look and keep an open mind.

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