iPhone photography tips

For the aspiring photographer on a budget, the Instagram enthusiast or just anyone interested in making their photos stand out… this one is for you.

Composing the photo

Before taking the photo, focus on what the idea is supposed to display. For more creative shots, shoot at a lower angle. Angles make a huge difference and can totally change the look of a photo and make them much more fascinating.  Also consider the Rule of Thirds. Go to Settings> Photos & Camera > Grid.

This will provide guide lines on the screen, by lining up the subject with the intersections it will balance out the overall look of the photo.


Try to move closer to the subject instead of using the zoom. Zooming in with your phone can easily lose the details of the photo. 

Avoid shaky photos by a DIY remote switch for the iPhone. Set up a tripod or makeshift tripod (stack of books, cup, etc.) and plug-in Apple ear buds. Clicking the volume up button will take a photo. This way you can take a super steady photo, or take a picture of yourself far away.

Newer iPhones have a Portrait Mode which gives a depth of field effect. If your phone does not include this feature, download the app “Blur Background Photo Editor.” This way the depth of field effect can still be achieved without the newest iPhone.

Avoid using flash and try sticking with natural light. Flash often can become too harsh and natural light gives a warmer, less severe effect. Try taking photos at sunrise or sunset. (A.K.A golden hour)

Editing and Apps to try

Before editing, clarify the photo with the wand on the camera’s editing mode. (Top right corner)IMG_0062

This is not a huge step but it can bring out the brilliance of the photo.

The apps VSCO and Lightroom CC are arguably the best editing apps for iPhone photography. Both have great filters and plenty of professional tools to choose from. Avoid layering several filters over each other.

It is so easy to be sucked into the warp hole of filters and not being able to pick just one, but by doing this you quickly lose the details and professionalism of the photo.


If you’re interested in stepping up your Instagram, try the app “Color Story.” This app gives beautiful filters as well as light effects. They have an option to plan out the grid of your Instagram and see how the photos will blend with each other.


If you’re passionate about photography and don’t want to break the bank for a camera, try the Amir Lens Kit for $15.99 on Amazon. This kit includes a fish eye lens, a macro lens and a wide-angle lens.


Most importantly, practice as often as possible and continue to express your creativity. 




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