Finding jobs on campus

By Katherine Snyder

Being in college can be very difficult and is almost always a financial struggle. Students have to worry about how they’re paying to be in school, or having extra spending money to use on campus or when out shopping for groceries or necessities. Niagara offers several paid on-campus jobs to help out with making money, or even paying tuition!

Niagara offers the work-study program, in which students are able to have a job on campus (such as working sports games, being a CA, etc.) and are able to receive a paycheck for spending purposes, as well as have part of their paycheck go toward their tuition. Most students are awarded a work-study program if they’re having trouble paying their tuition.

However, if you’re simply looking for a job on campus to make some extra spending money for groceries or other things, Niagara offers several non-work-study related jobs, and these are especially convenient for students who do not have a car on campus to go to an off-campus job.

Students are able to become a peer mentor/tutor in the academic support office, in which you will get paid for tutoring students in any subject. Popular subjects for tutoring usually include general education classes, but there are also tutors for major-specific courses, usually at 100 or 200 levels. “Tutors must have received a grade of B or better in any course they wish to tutor, and they must also maintain a cumulative average of 3.0 (B) in order to stay employed with the Office of Academic Support,” according to Niagara’s website.

Another job students are able to acquire on campus is working at the bookstore, run by Barnes and Noble. Students can work part-time selling books and NU merchandise. There are also jobs at the concessions stand at the Niagara hockey games! Students can also work in the dining commons or Gallagher center under Metz Culinary Management, the food provider service on campus.

For more information about on-campus jobs, visit, and search “Work Study” or “On-Campus jobs.”



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