Concert safety tips

by Brittany Rosso

Source: Veld Music Festival

Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic (CC BY-SA 2.0)


As the long, cold and dreary winter winds down to an end, there is plenty to look forward to. As spring and summer are quickly approaching, so is the season of concerts! Who doesn’t love a great night out to hear your favorite music played live? Whether you’re going to your first, second or even if you’re a professional concert-goer, these few tips will help you to have a fun and safe night out.

Prior to the show, familiarize yourself with the area or venue that you’re going to. Follow the venue and artists on social media, check out the line-up, and listen to a few of the songs you can expect to hear live. Get a basic feel for where to park when you arrive, directions to get there, and be aware of the weather conditions. You should also consider what time the doors open, how long you’ll be waiting to get in, and what you are able to bring with you inside. A great way to avoid pre-show traffic and a long wait line is to arrive at least 30 minutes early. Plus, you have a great shot at grabbing a front row spot in the crowd. Make sure to also have a filling meal before you go, drink lots of water, and also pack a few snacks for the car afterwards; because nobody wants to spend $5 for a water or slice of pizza. Although, it doesn’t hurt to always have some extra cash stored in the back of your phone case for emergencies! Finally, plan your outfit accordingly. Dress comfortable, keeping the weather and venue in mind. Being outdoors is a great time, however, you might regret not bringing a sweater when it starts to rain and all you have is a tank top.

Let’s be honest, concerts can be a lot of fun, but sometimes a little too much fun. Things may get out of hand, but don’t worry, you can be proactive to avoid uncomfortable or dangerous situations. First things first, always make sure your cell phone is charged, perhaps even consider bringing a portable phone charger if its permitted at the event. Second, turn on your location. Let your friends or someone you trust know where you are and when you’re expecting to leave. Don’t forget to plan ahead for an Uber, Lyft, or have a designated driver ready and on call, especially if you plan on having a drink. Thirdly, do not take a drink from a stranger and make sure any drinks you purchase are freshly opened in front of you. This is a sticky situation that could go poorly very quickly, so stay aware of what you’re consuming, and where it came from! Fourthly, stick with your friends and don’t wander off on your own. Wearing a glow bracelet is a great way to keep track of each other, especially if the crowd gets out of hand. Finally, be aware of your surroundings at all times. Keep in mind which area of the crowd is right for you; upfront and center is usually pretty intense, so maybe the back or side areas are better for you. Never be afraid to report suspicious behavior or concerning situations to security guards, police, or employees. It is always better to be safe than sorry.

As students at Niagara, we are fortunate enough to have our very own concerts, “Ridgefest” and “Firstfest” right here on campus. The best thing is, you can have a great night without having to worry about safety issues or situations getting out of hand. Whether your next concert experience will be at our spring “Ridgefest” or off of campus, keep these tips in mind to have a easy going, amazing night.

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