Winter fashion: what’s trending?

By: Akira Thornton

Dressing for freezing temperatures can often be difficult, walking the line of being trendy and staying warm isn’t the most ideal. Don’t worry you are not alone, all over campus many of us are wearing the same jacket everyday, and sometimes we’re in need of a serious switch up.  Here are a few trends that might amp up your winter style and make putting together a fashionable and cozy outfit a little easier.

Sometimes wearing the typical North Face can get a little boring, and on many occasions we have a really cute outfit hiding under all that coat. A simple solution is replacing our typical winter jacket with a faux fur coat, or perhaps a long-line trench coat. These small tweaks can elevate an outfit from boring to high fashion in a matter of seconds. If the “boujee” style isn’t what your going for, simply try wearing a faux fur vest. Another option would be the layering method. Pairing a hoodie under a bomber or jean jacket for more of a street style look.

Another trend that has been thriving this season is beanies and scarfs. Completing an outfit with a beanie is a stylish way to head out the door quickly, if you wake up late or you’re just having a bad hair day. On brand beanies from Adidas and Tommy Hilfiger have been trending as well, or if you aren’t trying to spend the money a cheap but stylish beanie can be found at Target or a thrift store. Scarfs are also a chic accessory that can complete an outfit, and also add color to your wardrobe. Some brands that have been worn a lot this season as far as scarfs is Burberry and Old Navy.

Lastly you can’t complete an outfit without the shoes. Walking through the snow can be a tedious process and sometimes it seems like we’re only limited to the same snow boots. Replacing this with a combat boot or a thigh high boot are other alternatives to creating a fashionable Winter look. However, if you are looking for something more practical, Timberland and Sperry have feasible and stylish options as well.


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