This game night is not for everybody


When audiences hear about upcoming comedy movies, they usually go into it expecting to laugh. Sometimes that’s not the case though. (Game night is one of those movies.) A movie that recently came out with a comedic surface is Game Night.

With this film starring major actors and actresses such as Jason Bateman and Rachel McAdams, it’s thought to be a fantastic movie considering the other films they’ve been in. It’s not to say that this film wasn’t funny, because it did have its moments. But what really took away from its comedic nature was the fact that the storyline dragged on and included scenes that had no relevance to the plot line. With a $37 million budget, one would think that this movie would stay with a consist with such great actors and actresses.

Another downside with the film was that it bounced around a lot raising questions as to what the end of the film was going to be. Now, a lot of films do have plot twists and it’s very understandable to include them. That way, the film has a little turn of events. But when there’s a plot twist, and said plot twist is reversed or completely demolished, but then added in again, and so on, it makes the movie unenjoyable. Seeing what the film was trying to portray is clear; “Oh this is happening! Oh wait no it’s not, oh wait yes it is!”. Just because the audience can evidently see what the film is trying to depict though, that doesn’t mean that it makes the film any better or funnier.

It’s hard to mark a movie such as this one as mediocre or fantastic, because not the entire movie was disliked. It’s simply a film that audiences must see for themselves.

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