Unique services in the NU library

by Corey Nash

NIAGARA UNIVERSITY, N.Y.- The library is one of the most important buildings on every college campus and is the students’ greatest tool for assistance in the classroom. Niagara University’s library offers more than just books for you to use for your research paper.

Niagara’s library has all of your regular services when it comes to checking out books, public/student access to computers and quiet areas for reading. Many people don’t know about everything the NU library can offer them though. The library offers a total of seven Apple Mac computers with Garage Band, I-movie and photoshop. This allows to students a second area to work if the Mac lab in Dunleavy Hall is closed.

Besides the Mac Computers, the library also offers services to help with your own personal laptop too. Tech Services can be found on the south end of the NU library second floor. Ange Visca, a Tech staff member, says that the tech team is always supportive of the students on campus. “We offer a lot of services for student and staff with laptop, projectors, or computer help.” Visca Said. “We can do anything from cleaning your computer/laptop hard drive to installing Microsoft programs on to your devices.” These services have been offered to students and staff for many years now.

The one thing that goes overlooked is the library website for NU. The library website can give you connections to all the materials you may need for your courses. If you needed to check to see if the book, movie or magazine you want is on file, you can easily browse the libraries catalog for it. Also if you couldn’t find it on file with the library, you could contact, Samantha Gust who is Head of Acquisitions in the basement level in the library.

The library can also be known as the place for students or staff to get away from the noise on campus. If anyone would like to reserve a group room to study or read in, they can register time on the NU library website. You are able to reserve from a half hour all the way up to 2 and a half. There are a total of 5 study rooms with capacity of six to ten people. These rooms can become hard to reserve toward midterms and finals.

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