Turning your closet into gold

By Stephanie Rosso


Photo by Stephanie Rosso

Making money while attending college can be tough. Between going to class, extracurriculars, homework time and a social life, working a part-time job could be out of the question for some students. Wouldn’t it be nice to make some money without having to actually go to work? That dream is now a reality, and it’s much easier to achieve than you’d think. The secret, Poshmark.

Basically, all those clothes, shoes and accessories stilling in your closet that look practically brand new, can earn you money… and a decent amount of it. Poshmark lets you set the listing price for the things you post. The company gets about 20 percent of your sale, so if you list an item for $30, you’ll get $24.

The app is incredibly simple to use. Once you’ve created an account, you can start loading your Posh Closet with items to sell. To list an item, you’ll need to snap some pictures of it, describe it, add the size, brand, color, price purchased for and the selling price. That’s it! Once the item is listed, other Poshers can like the item, which means they are interested and will get alerts when the price is dropped. If they don’t want to wait for price drop, they can use the ‘offer’ tool to submit an amount they’d like to pay. There is also a ‘buy’ feature if someone wants to purchase the item at the full asking price.

After your item sells, you’ll need to ship it. The prepaid shipping label will be in your email. Thankfully, we have our own post office on campus, so you won’t even need to leave to ship the package. USPS also has free shipping boxes with peel and stick sides. Once the buyer receives your package and approves that the item is what they ordered, you can receive the money earned. Poshmark gives you the option for direct deposit or to have a check mailed to you. It’s that easy.

Poshmark is one of the leading apps for selling clothing and accessories. In Fact, it was ranked number 1 by Paste Magazine in their “9 Essential Fashion Apps for Reselling Your Wardrobe” in 2015. Whether you’re looking to make some extra cash, or find some new items for your closet, Poshmark has you covered. Download the app or sign up on the web at http://www.poshmark.com.


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