Ways to stay fit in the winter

fitness pic.jpg
Photo by: Vic (Attribution 2.0 Generic (CC BY 2.0))

It always seems as though it’s so much easier to exercise, get a good workout in, and stay healthier overall when there’s warmer weather outside. When it’s nice out, there’s an abundance of options: bike rides, hikes, runs outside, a swim at the beach or pool, etc. When it’s colder out, exercising just feels more inconvenient. But, it’s not. Although it may not seem more difficult, it is easy to stay just as fit during the winter months through both exercise and nutrition.

To start off, joining a gym is always an option. Gyms have treadmills, ellipticals, bikes, weights, bars, various machines and allow you access to certain classes. However, if you go to Niagara University, there’s no need to join a gym when you have access to the Kiernan Center which is right on campus. By being a NU student, you get free access by swiping in with your ID card to Kiernan. Kiernan has a variety of activities to do, and an abundance of equipment/space.

Kiernan offers free open swim, pick up games of volleyball or basketball and a racquetball room with equipment provided. In addition to this, they also offer Zumba, yoga, H.I.I.T (high intensity interval training), TRX (total body resistance exercises) suspension training and spin classes. There are also many different club sports that students can join including volleyball, basketball, soccer, field hockey, baseball, rugby, lacrosse and roller hockey.

In addition to joining a gym, it is easy to participate in leisurely winter activities. This can include skating, which can be done right on NU’s campus when the Dwyer Arena hosts free skate hours for students. This can also include skiing, sledding, or tubing which are all fun exercises that can be utilized in the winter weather to help increase your fitness. Get outside and grab a few friends to go do these fun winter activities with!

If joining a gym or participating in winter activities don’t seem like the best options, there are small yet significant changes that can be made in everyday life to increase your fitness. For starters, parking further away when driving somewhere can help. Commuters or simply anyone who drives can park further from their classes or destinations to get an extra long walk in and burn some calories. Another helpful tip would be to skip the elevator and use the stairs when getting to classes or dorms. Small changes in your day like this will add up to make a difference. As far as nutrition goes, making sure to have a balanced diet is key. Be sure to not skip meals and to try and choose healthier options when you can, including whole grains, vegetables, protein and fruits in meals. A great piece of advice is to try and cut down on the cream and sugars in your warm winter drinks as well.

The winter weather doesn’t make it hard to stay healthy and fit, it is all about a person’s attitude towards fitness. Exercising and eating healthy in the winter can be just as fun and easy as it is during the summer. There are opportunities to be more active everywhere in everyday life, whether it means getting up and going to a gym or making small changes in day to day life, the option is always there.

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