To Our Daughter- Kylie Jenner pregnancy journey

via Kylie Jenner’s instagram

On Sunday Feb 4th, Kylie Jenner puts an end to all the circulating baby rumours by posting a statement on Instagram apologizing for keeping all her fans in the dark for the past 5 months. Rumours had started circulating about Jenner’s pregnancy around September of 2017 when she withdrew her presence from social media. Jenner never confirmed any of the allegations, and she stopped posting full body pictures, and would only post a simple selfie once in a blue moon. Most of the posts Jenner made in the last 5 months were for advertising purposes for her cosmetic brand.

Jenner and rapper boyfriend Travis Scott welcomed their baby girl Stormi Webster into the world on Feb 1st, 2018 weighing in at 8lbs and 9 ounces. Following Jenner’s anticipated announcement, came an unexpected video recapping the time lost while Jenner was under the radar.

Titled To Our Daughter, the short film narrated by best friend Jordan Woods, documented the incredible journey from start to finish giving us every detail about the pregnancy. The video answered all the questions we had about the pregnancy including heartwarming interviews with family and friends. The video covered everything starting with, how Jenner found out about the pregnancy, to her relationship with Scott, the first ultra sound, living day-to-day life while pregnant, her confidential baby shower, a first glimpse at Chicago West, Kris Jenner’s enticing wishes for her newest grandchild and lastly an intimate audio snippet of Stormi Webster birth.

A couple days after posting the video, Jenner posted a picture of her daughters hand wrapped around hers. The photo racked up over 16 million likes quickly becoming the most liked picture on Instagram surpassing Beyoncé, who now has the second most liked picture on Instagram with 11million likes.


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