NU students voice their opinions on dining commons

Alex Bock

Niagara University, NY- The Niagara University community prides itself in providing students with a positive and enjoyable dining experience. In addition to the expansion of Clet Dining Hall, the Dining Hall also added more vegetarian and vegan options for students. In the Gallagher Center, multiple restaurants, including the Gally Grille, have lowered the prices of several items on their menus.

Despite these efforts, the Dining Commons are still facing heavy criticism from the NU student body. Many students have voiced their frustrations over what they wish the dining commons did better, in the hopes that change would come.

In the fall semester, Clet Hall offered late night hours on Fridays and Saturdays, staying open until midnight for students to go grab a late night meal. It was a great opportunity for students to be able to eat at later hours than usual, and something that was not offered a year ago.

However, the Dining Hall has taken that away this semester, due to the lack of students taking advantage of the late night opportunities. According to a recent report from Metz Culinary Management, on average, only 12 students attended the Dining Hall between 10 and 11 p.m., while only 4 students on average attended the commons between 11 and 12.

The elimination of late night hours during weekends has caused an uproar from the NU student body, and they have continued to voice their frustration over the dining hours. In addition, students have also voiced their opinions on other food options they would like to see. Sara Vogel, a Junior Psychology major, discussed what she personally would like to see change at the Dining Commons.

“We should be allowed take out containers” she explained. “Better hours. Ice cream open all the time”. She also voices her opinions on what foods should be made available, and even how some of them should be prepared. There should be light, healthy, non-vegan options. Apples and Bananas should be chilled” she stated. “We need smoothies. A white pizza option every day”.

While many students have their own personal opinions about what foods they would like to see, most students would agree that the quality of the food could be improved, and that the dining hours should be extended. The dining hours have always varied each semester, and students are hoping to see that change. As long as enough students continue to speak up and voice their opinions of the Dining Commons, this should hopefully lead to changes being made in future semesters.

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