Review on cinematic masterpiece Loving Vincent

Loving VIncent

By Nina Grenga

Over 65,000 paintings went into creating the master piece, “Loving Vincent”, the world’s first fully painted featured film. This major motion picture consisted of an entire film painted over 1,000 canvases. “Loving Vincent” captivates the audience as they bring each of his paintings to life, while giving them intimate looks into the painter’s world.

The film sheds light on Van Gogh’s tragic death and opens up the mystery of why his death came to be.
After getting word of his death, beloved friend of Vincent and local postman, Joseph  Roulin, sends his son Armand Roulin on a mission to deliver a final letter from Van Gogh to his brother Theo. Soon into the story, Armand discovers Theo passed not long after Van Gogh. On his journey, Armand follows Van Gogh’s steps trying to find who should receive his final letter. He soon encounters the individuals who played major roles in the life of the tortured artist, leading him closer to the details surrounding Van Gogh’s death.
Everyone knows the classic story of Vincent Van Gogh, the painter who ate yellow paint and cut off his ear, but “Loving Vincent” opens up his story and expresses the beautiful and tragic moments that filled his life. It displays his soft spot for children and the deep love he has for his friends and his brother. The team of over 100 painters felt there was no other way to tell Vincent’s story without his paintings.

“Loving Vincent” takes the audience on an emotional journey that will stick in their minds long after the film is done. This is a cinematic master piece that is unlike anything else. “Loving Vincent” is filled with love for an icon, with every facet strategically designed with his uniqueness in mind.

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