NU students get involved on campus

By Nora Klinowski

NIAGARA UNIVERSITY, N.Y.–Niagara University’s Gallagher Center hosted the annual spring semester club fair on Jan. 22 and 23. The club fair is an opportunity for all students to get involved on campus and learn more information about the many clubs and opportunities that are offered at NU.

Students spoke to club representatives at their booths in Gally and signed up to join a variety of clubs. This provides students with a very welcoming and friendly environment that encourages them to explore their interests. There are a wide range of clubs represented from Greek Life to ROTC clubs. There are also clubs that are not necessarily inclusive, but intended to zone in on specific student majors.

Andrew Hayes, Niagara University’s student body president, described the club fair as “an opportunity for students and leaders to promote and recruit for their clubs.” He continues, saying that, “getting students out of their dorms and involved with activities is the main goal.”

Photo taken by Isabella Susino

Hayes also mentioned that the club fair provides an opportunity for students who had waited to settle in before joining clubs to branch out and get involved. Katie Snyder, a freshman student browsing through clubs at the club fair was there for that exact reason. She said that she had regretted not joining very many clubs in the fall semester.

“I was nervous about starting college and I didn’t want to overwhelm myself, but now I feel like I can manage time better and have time for more clubs,” said Snyder.

Many club representatives were excited to be there to recruit new members, including Shannon Wilk, Phi Sigma Sigma representative, and Jess Michalski, NU CARES representative.

“There is a diverse group of us, yet we all get along even though have such different interests, majors and other clubs, we balance all of that as well as the leadership position Phi Sigma Sigma offers,” said Wilk. 

Michalski’s club, NU CARES, which stands for Niagara University Club for Animal Rights and Sustainability, similarly shares this inclusive mindset. Although her club is about advocating for animal rights, they are open for anyone passionate to join. Despite their club often being referred to as “the vegan club,” which Michalski notes is partially true, she states, “We are trying to not exclude anyone, you don’t have to be vegan or vegetarian to join.”

All are welcomed to get involved on campus and join clubs, and the club fair embraces the idea of inclusive campus involvement.

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