Senior spotlight: Bridgette Ehrmann

By James Burns

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NIAGARA UNIVERSITY, N.Y. – With a recent win against Waterloo, and completion of NUSD midseason meet at Akron, the veteran senior took some time to reflect on the program’s growth and this season’s potential success.

JB: Now that the season is underway, what have you seen so far from the team?

BE: I’ve seen a positive environment from the team. Former underclassmen have stepped up to be leaders and role models, and the upperclassmen returned as the leaders they were before ready to perform better than before. Our freshmen came in strong and ready to race which has really helped the team’s score at meets and boost morale at competitions. I’ve seen teammates working very hard to reach their goals, and watching their hard work pay off in meets is exciting and fun because I know they will do even better at our big mid-season meet at Akron and at MAACs.

JB: Any particular swimmers that have been impressive?

BE: Overall the team has been doing awesome. It is difficult to single out anyone that has been extra impressive because several teammates, upperclassmen and freshmen alike, have done a great job so far this year. The team has steadily gotten faster each year between new recruits and upperclassmen improvements, so going into our big mid-season meet at Akron and preparing for MAACs is exciting because I am con dent we’ll continue the steady progress and improvements.

JB: What are the expectations before MAACs?


BE: The expectations are to work as hard as possible and really get after each practice and competition. We need to make sure we’re taking care of ourselves physically and mentally, including proper sleep each week. We are already halfway through the season and the second half of the season will move even faster, so staying focused on our goals for the season, resting up and getting faster and stronger together will help us perform the best we can at MAACs.

JB: What is it like building o of the success since last season?

BE: It’s both motivating and exciting. Last year at MAACs the team finished with multiple podium places on both the swimming and diving side, so setting the bar even higher for this season is encouraging to maintain a hard work ethic despite how difficult the season becomes. We are always looking to improve our rank in the MAAC each year and I am confident we will do well at the end of the season. It’s been fun to finish senior year with this group.

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