Most wanted improvements on campus

By Blake Brown

NIAGARA UNIVERSITY, N.Y. – Recent improvements to campus such as the fire pit, access road and dining hall renovations seem to be just the beginning of a transformation happening at Niagara University. Every semester there is an excitement that builds leading up to the first day of class; however, upon arrival that excitement of a clean slate can be tainted by recurring inconveniences that plague students at our beloved University. With slight improvements, campus life and enjoyment can easily be bolstered, but in order to improve we must all acknowledge these issues. Here are your top 3 most wanted campus improvements:

#3 Campus Safety Ticketing

Campus safety, better known as “Campo,” has a very active team that patrols around campus to enforce stiff parking regulations at NU. However, in recent years it seems that campus safety is just out to wring money out of students. For example, overnight parking in the library lot has been a mecca for tickets. This is rather unfortunate considering that the student lot, in Dwyer, is so much further and not as safe a walk in the late hours of the night. Not to mention that when temperatures hit bone-chilling lows, students risk sickness by walking long distances in the cold weather on the ridge. Many students, commuters and residents alike, have complained about not being clearly informed about parking rules at the University. To combat the ticketing crisis, maybe school officials should consider sending out semesterly emails that clearly define, in depth, the campus rules and regulations regarding parking.


#2 Campus Bathrooms

Bathrooms should be the cleanest place on campus, despite their high frequency of use. Not to say the bathrooms on campus are all dirty, but they certainly lack the luxuries of modern bathrooms. With the exception of Clet Dining, the Academic Complex and Golisano, the bathrooms are not the most appealing spaces to conduct private matters. Many of the bathrooms like those found in Dunleavy, Vini or the towers lack automation and can really use a face lift. The bathrooms around campus feel like they have been around for quite some time, and with all the change happening on campus, maybe now is the right time to do something that can make our private time much more comforting.

#1 Purple Haze

The concensus seems to be that students are not so high on Purple Haze. The dreaded Wi-Fi network just does not work the way it should. Student residents are victims of dorm dead zones that are deprived of internet access. Even in the classrooms of Dunleavy and Vini’s students are lucky to pick up a signal. The issues with connecting to Purple Haze have gone on far too long. It is time for the University to update its network or consider installing multiple networks for individual buildings to help combat the traffic on the servers that lead to poor internet performance.

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