Let’s talk about “The Process”: and why Tyrod Taylor is the Bills biggest problem

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BUFFALO, N.Y. – With the Buffalo Bills’ victory over the collapsing Chiefs in week 12, they improved to 6-5 on the season, just on the edge of the playoff picture.

Buffalo is currently on a 17-year playoff drought, and if history has told fans anything, it’s that the Bills are doomed to repeat the same mistakes over and over again; here’s why.

Head coach Sean McDermott is on track to fall into the same trap
that has caught Bills coaches of old. Finishing with a mediocre draft pick. Dating back to 2007 the Bills have had only three top-10 draft picks. Within that 10-year span, the Bills have drafted four quarterbacks; Trent Edwards, Levi Brown, EJ Manuel and yes, Nathan Peterman. Oh and by the way, those three top-10 picks? None of them are on the team anymore. In fact, since 2007 only two of the players that the Bills took with their rst pick in the draft are still on the team (Shaq Lawson and TreDavious White).

Now, about this season and “the process”:

Tyrod Taylor is the Bills’ biggest problem. As long as he is the team’s starting quarterback, they’ll always be hanging around a playoff spot, but never good enough to come close to winning a Super Bowl. Oh, and to all of the “Tyrod has a better interception rate than most of the QB’s in the league” people, please check his yards per attempt stats, in which he’s 26th in the league. Even Jacoby Brissett has a higher YPA. Hard to throw an INT if you only throw check downs.

The Bills traded away Sammy Watkins and others in what looked like a move to tank, but there was good ol’ Tyrod and the defense to get them off to a 5-2 start, and Sean McDermott and the front office fell for it. Now they’ve traded for Kelvin Benjamin in what looked to be a playoff push move and traded away Marcel Dareus in what looked like a rebuilding move. The Bills still don’t know what they’re doing and McDermott/the front office have to show they have a plan before they lose the fanbase and players’ trust, just like their predecessors did.

Bills fans don’t seem to want to hear the word “tank” in any capacity, but unless they begin to show some competence within the draft or free agency and use their accumulation of picks wisely, then tanking may be their best hope. Only one thing is certain, Tyrod Taylor cannot be signed to an extension.

All stats via espn.com

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