Club dues update

By Brigid Burns and Allison Camp

NIAGARA UNIVERSITY, N.Y. – Recently, a student created an online petition about club dues at Niagara University. She felt that members of clubs should not have to pay any type of fee to be members. A total of 69 people ended up signing the petition.

Since it has come out, NUSGA has worked with the author of the petition to create some type of changes with the club dues situation.

As stated in the Budget Rules, NUSGA assists clubs with funding. Each club must raise at least 10% of the amount they request in their budget through a fundraiser. Originally, NUSGA had $15 set as the minimum amount of money students would have to pay in order to be in the club.

The concerns of affordable dues were brought to NUSGA’s executive cabinet and the cabinet thought it would be in the best interest of students to lower the price. The cabinet brought the solution to the legislative body and the legislative body approved of senate bill 29. With this, club dues are going to be changed back to a minimum of $10. This change will occur for the spring semester. At the next roundtable, club leaders will be noti ed of said change and will be educated further on the topic.

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