Best of Entertainment 2017

By Chloe Steinig

Film: “mother!”

Darren Aronofsky’s “mother!” was by far the most polarizing film of the year: viewers either walked out repulsed or in love. The trailers for the film were far different from what it actually was, with the “Rosemary’s Baby” comparisons failing to materialize. This element of surprise is what makes it the best film of the year. The inescapable tension and horror in the last climatic half of the film stands out from all the other releases this year and makes it unforgettable.

Television: “Stranger Things”

Screen Shot 2017-12-04 at 1.55.47 AMThe Netflix hit came back this October just in time
for Halloween and blew fans away. If you didn’t love the Golden Globe winning cast before, you definitely love them now. From Steve going from jerk to protective babysitter
to Eleven going from sweet to badass, all of the characters grow in a way that is fascinating to watch – not to mention all of the demogorgon slaying that goes on inbetween these heartfelt moments. This second season is proof that sometimes shows are overhyped for a good reason: because they are definitely worth watching.

Albums: “Number 1 Angel – Charli XCX”

This March saw an massively underrated release: Charli XCX’s “Number 1 Angel” mixtape. Released before hit single “Boys,” the mixtape is pure pop perfection. Charli has a knack for using tired pop themes like love songs by making them sound new, with her personality and catchy hooks. “Lipgloss,” featuring rapper Cupcakke, is arguably the best on the mixtape, sounding straight from the early 2000’s golden era of pop. Daring and unrivaled, Charli is on her way to becoming the next Britney.

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