Uber v. Lyft

Is one better than the other?

Vanessa Arieno

We can all agree Uber is one of the best things to happen to NU students in a long time: but should we be signed up for Lyft instead? Uber is clearly the original company for driving services but the truth is one isn’t better than the other. Arthur Arieno, a driver for both companies living down the street from the University of South Carolina, while also in the center of the capital of South Carolina, recently started working for both companies and gave me the inside scoop.

Uber is definitely more popular and with no real difference between the two, Uber just seems to be more known. How many of you have even heard of Lyft? I know I didn’t until this past summer.

“Really there’s not a big difference in charge one just isn’t always consistently different,” said Arieno. “For both, you just put in your pickup information for a ride.”

Many people wonder if the prices are different between the two services, but it just depends on the distance between your location and destination, and the demand of the drivers depending on the time. 

The only obvious difference is college students use Uber more than Lyft. Also a little tip for your next Uber ride: if the driver is taking too long to pick you up and you contact them to find out what’s going, on if they tell you to just cancel the trip, do not. Tell them they need to cancel. Many of us have had this experience and find out the next day we were charged for the ride. The reason the driver tells you to cancel is because it looks bad on them if they cancel it themselves.


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