Week Nine Fantasy Football: Players to Watch

Ryan Sullivan

Statistically backed up facts can only provide fantasy owners so much hope on a week-to-week basis, however, there’s plenty of luck involved in the game we love. Here are some picks backed by stats, and some picks that may be just a “gut feeling,” that even you may feel too.

Top NFL QB’s

Start: Deshaun Watson vs. IND – There’s no reason to doubt this start. With a surprising rookie year, the more surprising stat is that Watson is the leader in all fantasy formats in the QB category. He is facing a sluggish Colts defense, thus a no brainer for your week.

Sit: Kirk Cousins vs. SEA – Though Cousins has had a good year for the Redskins, he hasn’t had much help from his teammates in select games. And while he’s in the top-10 for fantasy points in the QB category, Seattle’s defense ranks towards the top of the league. He’ll have a low scoring bought this week.

Top NFL HB’s

Start: Doug Martin vs. NO – The Saints have given up big games solely on their rushing defense. And while they’ve been successful at piling on points too, the Bucs will be expected to be very productive in this decisive, division matchup.

Photo accredation to Football Schedule, Doug Martin
Photo accredation to Football Schedule, Doug Martin

Sit: Marshawn Lynch vs. MIA – “Beast mode” has had an odd year back in the NFL. Whether it be shoving refs, or keeping up his postgame comments must-see entertainment, his on-field production hasn’t been something we’re used to seeing. And against the likes of Cam Wake, he’ll likely be stuffed.  

Top NFL WR’s

Start: Ted Ginn Jr. vs. TB – After weeks of consistent yardage and TD’s, the Saints have found their new-age Devery Henderson. This division matchup and week secondary are good reasons to get Ginn in your starting lineup.

Sit: A.J. Green vs. JAX – Inconsistencies from both offenses, specifically the passing game, have given fantasy owners fits. I believe that the Jags will continue to keep offenses in check and limit Green to zero TDs, after all, they’ve only given up four all season.

Top NFL TE’s

Start: Bucs TE’s vs. NO – As stated above, the Saints tend to get lots of points, but also give up just as many (if not more). If this trend continues, the Bucs will likely give their TE’s OJ Howard and Cameron Brate several targets. Both have been good in fantasy this year, Howard as of late, but the more consistent option has been Brate.

Sit: Zach Ertz vs. DEN – Ertz, a wildcard TE for the pass-happy Eagles has been a light when things have gotten dim on numerous drives. He rarely drops passes, and tends to be a reliable option. However, Denver’s defense is the top of the top and they will hold the Eagles to minimal yardage passing even if they end up losing.

All schedule information credited to nfl.com


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