200 days until graduation

Where has the time gone?

Allison Camp

Screen Shot 2017-10-30 at 8.12.13 PM
NU Nursing students at the event

The 200 days until graduation event at the Niagara Crossings Hotel in Lewiston, NY was a night to remember. Overall, the event was a place to see all of the seniors that are graduating together in May, some of which we have not seen since freshman year. The event was sold out with over 150 seniors from Niagara at the event. The venue was scenic and served as a good place to take pictures. With everyone wearing black and white cocktail attire, the Niagara Crossings Hotel had a cool ambiance throughout the night. The music was really good as well and a lot of people were dancing and having fun.

Some critiques I have would be to make the buses back and forth from the hotel and Gally more consistent. My friends and I waited over an hour to get there. Also, the tickets said that there was food,

so I think a lot of people thought there would be food, but, by the time people got there, vegetables were one of the only options. One last critique would be that the drinks seemed to be a little pricy. Six dollars is a lot to spend on a small drink, especially when we are college seniors. I feel as though we had already paid $10 or $15 for the event and that, as students, and as seniors we did not really get our money’s worth.

Events like this are unique to Niagara, and it is awesome that they organize them. Other than those few things, I look forward to the next few events.

The next event is 100 days until graduation and will happen on Friday, February 2 from 7-10 pm at the Brickyard Brewing Company. The last event, which is 50 days until graduation will happen on March 23 from 7-10 pm at Buffalo Riverworks.

Cover Photo: Courtesy of NUSGA Twitter

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