One of the most interesting movies just hit theaters (Friday the 13th), giving all viewers flashbacks of their “spooky” college days. The film is called ‘Happy Death Day’. It’s about a female college-student who seems to have unlimited opportunities to solve her own murder – yes, on her birthday. She relives this day consecutively until she correctly identifies her killer and kills them before they can kill her. Stressful, right? What’s most interesting about the film though is not discovering who her killer is, but actually watching her character develop as a person throughout the movie. 


Actress Jessica Rothe plays the main character, Tree Gelbman. Tree is a beautiful sorority girl, who has lost her mother and because of that is losing a connection with her father.  She does not come off as the friendliest person in the world, and is not very considerate of others. In fact, she does very little service to others and is a selfish.

But, the more she is killed and wakes up the same events in the same order everyday, the more she learns these same characteristics about herself. This inspires her not to go about her birthday finding her killer, but to be the best person she can be. She does this, for her greater good and with hopes that it will fix her murder incident. But no movie can end that easily, right?

Interestingly enough, Tree is living her “death day” as a reborn day, as it seems a new her has been born on this birthday. She begins to do things at the end of the movie, for herself and others that she would not have done in the beginning of the movie. It is her drastic turn-around that makes the movie unique and beautifully designed. Although rated PG-13 as a horror, thriller and mystery film, it is worth every second of its 96 minutes. The movie is not a slashing, blood gushing, and serial killer type of film. It is actually fun. There’s this very amusing feeling you get as a viewer watching Tree become an entirely new person despite being killed every day, trying to discover who her killer is and prevent her murder. You sort of become one with her, in a way, more concerned with appreciating the small things in life and living a giving and fulfilling life rather than worrying about bad things happening. It is that point in the movie where you wish life was that easy, but Tree’s character is so interesting, she brings you back to reality with her mistakes and humanness. She is sad, happy, ashamed, proud, regretful, relived, selfish, selfless, mean, friendly, rude, polite, unapologetic, sorry and lowkey falling in love – at the same damn time.

Yes, this is a must see movie.

Go and see “Happy Death Day” with your best friend. If you don’t have a best friend, go with someone you just met. If you haven’t just met anyone, go with a stranger. If your parents told you to stay away from strangers, disobey them. 

Because after all, “today is the first day of the rest of your life.”

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