Changemakers of Niagara: Andrew Emmons

Christine Burke and Emily Parisi

Niagara University has seen a lot of change in the past few years, and the next few years are sure to be no different. Many people on campus are the drivers and progressors of such change, but they often go unrecognized. NU student Andrew Emmons is one of these leaders, dedicated to making the campus a better place for all.

A well-known personality around campus, the Criminal Justice and Communications double major will graduate in May 2018 with minors in sociology and computer crime. Emmons plans to pursue a position in federal law enforcement following graduation, while still indulging his passion for photography and videography on the side.

Emmons’ skills are put to use in various positions around campus, including as the Communications Director of NU’s Student Government Association (NUSGA) and a member of Ridge Report, the student-produced newscast sent out every week. As a part of NUSGA, Emmons deals with social media and advertising, as well as NUSGA’s press releases; he sees it as part of his job to get students excited for NUSGA-sponsored events around campus. As a co-producer of Ridge Report, he plays a large role in advertising and marketing for the university.

“[Ridge Report is] being able to to capture those moments that students get to have and showcase them to prospective students, to alumni, to current students, which I really like doing,” Emmons says.

Emmons certainly meets many past and future students through his job in the Admissions office, where he gives tours to prospective students and acts as the switchboard for the hundreds of phone calls the university receives.

“It’s really nice to be able to talk to a parent or student and then see them at a reception or give them a tour or see them during orientation and see them progressing along the way,” Emmons says.

Photo Cred: Andrew Emmons

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