Week Seven Fantasy Football: Players to Watch

Ryan Sullivan

Whether it’s the Chiefs at the top or the Browns at the bottom, it’s Week 7 and your fantasy team probably sucks. Here are some predictions so your friends will stop making fun of you.

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Photo by Keith Allison licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs 2.0 Generic

Top NFL QB’s

Start: Cam Newton vs. CHI – Chicago has had a rough year to this point, but their defense hasn’t reflected their record. They have a great run-stopping defense, ranking in the top-10, but I believe Newton cannot only get you plenty of passing yards, but he may run plenty over this defense too.

Sit: Russell Wilson vs. NYG – Though the Giants have had a bad start to the year, their defense hasn’t been the issue. Eli Manning and the offense just seem to have lost any magic that was predicted when Brandon Marshall came to the team. Regardless, this NY defense will put Wilson in his tracks and hold all offensive players to minimal points. Expect a defensive matchup.

Top NFL HB’s

Start: Leonard Fournette vs. IND – A Colts team with little to be happy about, and a streaky Jaguars offense leads way to a good fantasy week for Fournette. He has averaged almost 100 yards a game. Start this rookie at all costs.  

Sit: All HB’s in the GB vs. NO bout – This game will be an entertaining matchup between two elite QB’s. Both teams have given up similar yardage (4.4 YPC) to running backs, but neither has a consistently great, nor healthy backfield.

Top NFL WR’s

Start: Jamison Crowder vs. PHI – This season, Wentz and the Eagles have been known for their offense, not their defense. As a matter of fact, their secondary is in the bottom-3 to this point, A.K.A., start Crowder.

Sit: Stefon Diggs vs. BAL – Whether it’s Keenum or Bradford, Diggs has been great to this point. However, a Baltimore secondary consisting of notable safeties Weddle and Jefferson should cause doubt in fantasy owners’ mind for Diggs this week.

Top NFL TE’s

Start: Austin Hooper vs. NE – The Atlanta Falcons have a sour taste in their mouths since last year’s Super Bowl. This is the game for redemption, and they’ll do just that against the team giving an average of 13 yards per reception.

Sit: Hunter Henry/Antonio Gates vs. DEN – Denver has had one of the more consistent defenses in the NFL, while the Chargers haven’t had much luck on either side of the ball. I would sit either tight end if you have better options this week.

All schedule information credited to nfl.com

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