What’s Coming Up In Television

Michaela McGrath 

With all that’s available on broadcast, cable and streaming services, sometimes it’s difficult to decide which shows to watch. The rest of 2017 will see the return of loved series, and premieres of upcoming, promising shows. Here are a few to put on your calendar.

Friday Oct. 27

Netflix’s massive hit, “Stranger Things,” releases its second season at the end of the month. Fans will surely be queuing up to revisit the cast of beloved characters, and to unravel more of Hawkins’ supernatural mysteries.

Friday Nov. 3

After the success of Hulu’s “The Handmaid’s Tale,” Netflix is betting on another Margaret Atwood adaptation, “Alias Grace.” The show, based on Atwood’s historical fiction, is about Grace Marks, a housemaid and Irish immigrant who is imprisoned—potentially wrongly—for the murder of her employer.  

Friday Nov. 17

“The Punisher” was set for a season one premiere on Netflix in early October, but has been pushed back to Nov. 17. The series, which expands upon the Marvel TV universe, will delve into vigilante Frank Castle’s origin. 

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