Journey of Healing through Art

Brigid Burns

NIAGARA FALLS, NY- On Thursday Oct. 5, Niagara University held an event at Castellani Art Museum to raise awareness for domestic violence. “Surviving…Thriving: A Journey of Healing through Art” showcased different pieces of art or pictures from the Niagara Falls area created by survivors of domestic violence. This was the second year that the event was held. Dr. Dana Radatz and Dr. Jennifer Beebe worked side by side to represent Niagara University. They worked with the other agencies who were involved with the event and each had a representative to work on the event together as a planning committee.

Some agencies involved were YWCA, Family and Children’s Services of Niagara, Child Advocacy Center of Niagara, Niagara County Sheriff’s Office Victim Assistance Unit and Niagara University, according to NU News. The event was $1 for students and $5 for non-students. All of the proceeds of this event went to Passage House Domestic Services. Passage House is a shelter in the Niagara Falls area where survivors and children of domestic violence can go and are provided advocacy, counseling and groups for the adults and children.

“. . .Our goal really is to help somebody feel a little bit more empowered and to enhance their social and emotional well being and safety because that’s what’s most important,” said Larissa Bachman, program director at Passage House.

There were around 200 attendees at the event and the amount raised for Passage House was roughly $550.

“I am just so proud of seeing how everything has come together, how many students have helped organize it. . .I think for me the biggest part was seeing how many people this had impacted and they wanted to make a difference and it just meant a lot to me that other people wanted to get involved than what I had anticipated,” says Courtney Kenny, student coordinator of the event.

“I feel like we’re all equipped with one voice, but the more voices you add makes it sometimes stronger. . .everyone who’s attending is in some way, shape or form giving their voice as well. . .I feel like it’s my little way of kind of starting that chain.” says Radatz.


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