TV review: Friends from College


Brigid Burns

“Friends from College,” directed by Nicholas Stoller, is a comedic television show that was released on Netflix. It follows a group of friends who met at Harvard on their successes and failures as they reach their forties. The show is witty, crude at times, and a must-see for college students.


Although the show includes actors such as Keegan-Michael Key, Cobie Smulders, Annie Parisse and Billy Eichner etc, this is not exactly the group of friends you may want to surround yourself with. Key, Smulders and Eichner are three actors who are known for their comedic performances in shows such as “Key and Peele,” “How I Met Your Mother” and “Billy on the Street.” They are beloved and cherished characters in those shows but with “Friends from College,” it’s a totally different atmosphere and the audience may very well grow a disliking to them. This is mainly because each character finds themselves intertwined in an array of drama each with each other, with their work, or with some form of self-doubt.

This show is one like no other. Mainly because it’s not a happy show majority of the time and it discusses real life problems that many people don’t broadcast. Such as couples falling in and out of love, couples cheating on each other, individuals failing at their jobs and failing as parents. It’s possible that there’s going to be mixed emotions and reactions from the show but it’s what makes the show real. It brings situations out of the dark that do occur in every day life. Not every family is perfect and no one’s life is perfect and this show sets out on a mission to portray that. Everyone makes mistakes and things fall apart but how far can a character go to cover up the lies that they’ve been living? That’s what this show is all about.

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