Niagara students attend 22nd annual Pints for Progress


Shaina Pumputis

NIAGARA FALLS, N.Y. – Pints for Progress is an event held a few times a year in Niagara Falls where people from the community can come and pitch an idea or plan to better the Niagara Falls area.

Screen Shot 2017-09-27 at 12.25.44 PMAn admission fee of $5 for rst time attendees and $10 for returners is what funds the event. At the end, everyone votes for which idea appears to be the best, and that person or group receives the admission money to put towards it.

Danielle Deacon, a Niagara University student and an attendee, commented on Pints for Progress, “It brings us all together. The people who are Niagara Falls, it’s in our hands and gives us the power to change when it is not happening elsewhere.”

On September 21, the 22nd Pints for Progress was held at the Bakery Restaurant on Niagara Street. The restaurant provided food for the people attending as well as live music by a local band called Pangea.

There were three different groups that came to pitch ideas, the first one being by Tim Baxter. Baxter wanted to receive some help in funding the Oakwood Cemetery Spirits with the Spirits, an event that is being held to show off a Niagara Falls cemetery that has been here since 1852.

The second group was Project Green Space. The group has planted gardens on 16th and Weston, although they have only made a couple garden beds. Project Green Space is through the IOBY which is a group that is there for many cities to ‘bring neighborhood projects to life, block by block.’

Screen Shot 2017-09-27 at 12.28.40 PM

The third group was led by Rosie Lorenti who pre- sented the idea of Public Piano Expansions. Throughout Niagara Falls Lorenti has painted pianos and then the pianos were placed throughout the city and have brightened up the area. Lorenti looking to add a few more pianos as well as repair the current ones to be playable.


Project Green Space received the most votes and the group plans to use the money for a number of things. Instead of their winnings just being used on a couple of garden beds, the money will go to putting benches as well as other things in their displays. Their self proclaimed purpose is to eventually grow and sell produce to help with funding.

Charles Harris who looks over Project Green Space started this through Connection, a teen outreach program through Planned Parenthood. Harris talks about wanting to make Niagara Falls a better place. “Youth are the main priority. If you want to see a change in the neighborhood, focus on the kids.”

PJ Jerny, Trinati Palmer and Dashawn Pickett all took turns advocating for Project Green Space.

One of the previous recipient from Pints for Progress, Willie Price the coach of Niagara Track and Field Club, proposed his plan for jerseys to get the athletes into track meets last year. The club participated in the Buffalo Track Classic where the 12 kids involved with the group all received at least two metals.

Phil Mohr who is one of many people involved with Pints for Progress commented, “At the end of the day, we don’t exist. Every individual has some ownership of the people who are here.”

This event is there to help provide funding for an idea that can make the area a better place. Citizens of Niagara Falls getting the opportunity to decide who, what or where the money goes to making it a unique a air.


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