CIA Agent Mitch Rapp is too good in this new action-packed thriller


Khalil Dukes

Box offices are buzzing about the new action and thriller film, “American Assassin.” Based after one of Vince Flynn’s fifteen New York Times Best Seller novels, “American Assassin” has grossed nearly $15 million during its opening weekend. Director Micheal Cuesta and lead actors Dylan O’Brien, Michael Keaton and Sanaa Lathan have given all movie lovers the film of the fall season. O’Brien plays the lead role of counterterrorism agent Mitch Rapp. The film is based on the dark history of Rapp and how his past has helped him become a very good, uncanny, and disobedient bad-ass Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) agent.


Rapp was the victim of a couple very unfortunate accidents that resulted in the loss of his parents and girlfriend. He lives with the regret of not doing all he could to help or stop the event from happening. It was that incident that drives him throughout the film to not only kill suspects who need to be, but also save lives of innocent people before they can be loss. His boldness and killing skills proves him to be a top agent, however he is a very heartfelt character. This causes him to be very persistent in each mission, as he will not stop going after a targeted suspect until the suspect is dead – even if he is given different orders from his superior. Not following orders puts Rapp in a variety of very dangerous situations that not only put his life and the CIA in jeopardy, but also keep the audience on the edge of their seats.

These risky situations create a thrilling series of events, crammed into action-packed scenes that leave viewers wondering how a 23-year old Rapp will triumph to complete a mission. Plots and twists also catch viewers by surprise as the story begins to unfold more and more. As the character of Rapp develops, one grows increasingly worried about whether or not he will live because his bravery makes him very unpredictable. It becomes clear that Rapp was not at all born an assassin, but has been made an assassin.

The film is strong in violence, torture and aggressive language due to its plot of revenge, terrorism and central intelligence. Prepared to be entertained for not just part of the film, but the entire 111 minutes, as American CIA agent Rapp shows all viewers why he is a product of his past and how his past has made him an assassin.

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