Week 3 fantasy football: sit/start

rodgers, eonline.com
Source: E Online

By Ryan Sullivan

While you may have had a difficult or relatively easy two weeks, is that top three pick really worth starting this week?

Top NFL QB’s

Start: Aaron Rodgers vs. CIN – A Burfict-less defense makes things much less stressful, this may be a recipe for success.

Sit: Dak Prescott vs. AZ – Fewer options and facing a team with arguably one of the top-    three secondaries in the league, it may be smart to look to the waiver wire.

Top NFL RB’s

Start: Isaiah Crowell vs. IND – With a new offensive line of former-Pro Bowlers, the power running back should get you considerable points and a much better chance at a win.

Sit: LeSean McCoy vs. DEN – Despite his flashy moves and cuts, “Shady” unfortunately is playing one of the top-3 NFL defenses. Not a recipe for success.

Top NFL WR’s

Start: Michael Thomas vs. CAR – If this last week before the return of suspended teammate Willie Snead isn’t motivation for Thomas to solidify his No. 1 spot, I don’t know what is. Plus, a vulnerable secondary may help his cause.

Sit: Any and every wideout in the JAX vs. BAL game – Both teams have tremendous secondaries and defenses. With both teams having a less than stellar offense, use other options, should you have a member of either team.

Top NFL TE’s

Start: Kyle Rudolph vs. TB – Kwan Alexander is a formidable MLB, but Rudolph will be open and get enough looks to give you a solid option this week.

Sit: Tyler Eifert vs. GB – Eifert may be a favorite of Andy Dalton, but with Ahmad Brooks among other notable LB’s, Eifert should be benched or flexed unless you have no other options.

All schedule information credited to ESPN.com

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