Niagara Students Doing Awesome Things

NU Alliance’s annual Awesome People Saying Awesome Things celebrated diversity.

By: Chloe Steinig

NIAGARA UNIVERSITY, N. Y. – On April 19, The NU Alliance held their annual Awesome People Saying Awesome Things event in the Golisano building. The event was held as part of Ridgefest, Niagara’s campus wide spring celebration. APSAT gives students a chance to read their own work or work that they admire that speaks to the LGBTQIA+ community.

Alex Bush, President of the NU Alliance, started the night off with a brief summary of what the Alliance does and what APSAT is all about.

“Our APSAT event is the finale of our year at NU,” Bush said. “It touches on the personal and social aspects of the LGBTQIA+ experience through literature that students submit to us, whether they have written it themselves or they just find it compelling.”

Marie Gruszczynski preformed a piece by Dia Davina titled “The Polyamorous Mating Habits of the North American Red Squirrel.” Rebecca Fuerschbach then followed by reading two anonymous pieces titled “Evolution of Love” and “Dating While Gay.” Katy Malloy presented a piece titled “Dear Straight People” while Bush presented as well, reading a piece written by user pottern6616 titled “Just Because I am Gay” and his own piece titled “Some Gay History.”

Aiden Pasquarette performed a piece written by Ethan Smith titled “A Letter to the Girl I Used to Be” and an original piece titled “Work in Progress.”

The event concluded with an “I am Alliance” video presentation put together by the club. It featured students at this year’s Take Back The Night event holding up signs saying they stand with the Alliance.

“The video shows that no matter who we are, no matter what background we come from, or who we identify as, we can all be an ally,” Bush said. “We can all be a force for greater change for love in the world, and I think that really connects back to our Vincentian values.”

For more information about the Alliance, click here.

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