You can go your own way

Students share what they think of walkways on campus

By Jacob Foote

NIAGARA UNIVERSITY, NEW YORK – Winding from building to building, the walkways on campus are something unique to Niagara. With bountiful and beautiful scenery, the daily commute for many students on campus is a pleasurable experience.

“I think they’re pretty good overall,” said senior Brendan Doyle. He thought that the fields of grass made the campus look nice and feel special.

“I think they do a good job of maintaining the walkways, especially in icy conditions, so I think that’s a benefit that Niagara does really, really well,” said senior Nick Wojcicki. “And I do think with what we have available they do a good job of maintaining the scenery around them, especially for incoming students to really see the things that we have.”

Plenty of students, however, seem to disagree.

“The sidewalks here are not good,” said freshman Clarissa Surianello. She felt that the crumbling sidewalks should be redone and made wider. Her friend, freshman Olivia Gamziukas, agreed.

“I think that they’re a little narrow and I think that we need a walkway toward the baseball fields,” said Gamziukas. She pointed out that where a walkway is not provided, students had made their own, treading the grass down into a muddy pulp. The prime example of this is the path in front of the library, though there are a few others on campus.


Surianello also wanted a sidewalk from Seton towards the Golisano Center, noting how unpleasant it was to get snow in her boots trudging across the field during the winter.

“I think there could be a little bit more of a structure to them,” said Wojcicki.

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