Drake’s “More Life”

Drake brings ‘More Life’ to us all with new album

Kahlil Dukes

Drake has finally dropped his highly-anticipated ‘playlist’ More Life. The Canadian musical genius gave his fans a twenty-two song project, full of almost every flavor one could think of. Flute rhythms of “Portland,” slow jams like “4422,” hype beats like “Gyalchester,” love and sensitivity in tracks like “KMT,” conscious and meaningful interludes like the “Jorja Interlude,” and of course a touch of the islands is heard in various tracks.

The album debuted on OVO Sound Radio March just before it was available on all music-streaming sites. It features some of the music industry’s hottest artists, like Kanye West who collaborated with Drake on “Glow,” 2 Chainz who raps on “Sacrifices,” and Young Thug who performs the hook on “Ice Melts.”

As usual, Drake reflects on much of his life throughout the album. He takes all of his listeners on a ride, as he expresses the emotions of his life. He also talks about his private life becoming public, the previous animosity and anger he felt while writing Views, and more. Do not expect any “Fake Love” from fans from this album, as More Life brings more smiles, memories, laughter, tears, dances, and good times to all music fans.

“Free Smoke” and “No Long Talk” begin the album as two head-bopping starters, as Drake seems to successfully please his fans early in the album. He then blesses the music world with the seemingly timeless hit track “Passionfruit,” where Drake soothes us with another catchy hook: 

Passionate from miles away / Passive with the things you say / Passin’ up on my old ways / I can’t blame you, no, no. 

If you thought Drake needed to ‘get it together,’ there is no question that he got it together throughout the album. He even raps in “Lose You” to fans he feels he may have lost. ‘Since Way Back’, Drake has been making ‘sacrifices’ to create the best version of his craft as possible. Everything we know Drake for is present in More Life, even his well-known love affair stories that give us all ‘teenage fever’ which samples Jennifer Lopez’s well-known single “If You Had My Love.”

Drake literally just says how he feels, which is not unexpected from him. There are some things we just expect from Drake, like that island-type, vacation flow that we all love. This island breeze is felt in “Blem,” “Passionfruit,” “Get It Together” and “Madiba Riddim.”

The Canadian native has been nominated for over 160 awards in his career so far. He has won six music awards for MTV, VMA and a Grammy. He has blessed us with other classic solo albums like So Far Gone (2009), Thank Me Later (2010), the Grammy-award winning Take Care (2011), Nothing was the Same (2013), If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late (2015) and Views (2016). The 2017 Grammy-award winner for Best Rap Song (Hotline Bling) has now given us another classic album, More Life, and in return we have given Drake the No. 1 album in America for the seventh time.

It is for certain that this is Drake’s most prestigious project since his Grammy award winning Take Care (2011) album. He ‘can’t have everything’ but he can have the ‘glow’ as he has set the bar extremely high for any male solo artist to follow for the remainder of the year. He asks that we ‘do not disturb’ him the rest of the year, as he ends the project consciously rapping: 

Takin’ summer off ’cause they tell me I need recovery / Maybe gettin’ back to my regular life will humble me / I’ll be back in 2018 to give you the summary / More Life.

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