The comedic cop-life remake may not be so funny after all

Kahlil Dukes

Michael Peña and Dax Shepard star as partners of the California Highway Patrol (CHP) in the new remake of Rated R film CHiPs. Located in Los Angeles, this action comedy film has some funny moments, but may seem way too homophobic for most viewers. Shepard plays Jon Baker, a former professional motorbike rider who is trying to not only get his life back together, but also his marriage. Peña plays the role of Frank Ponch Poncherello, an undercover FBI agent who is trying to solve a multi-million dollar heist, an investigation that seems to involve a dirty cop.

Throughout the film, Baker and Ponch have very awkward interactions between each other, all in which seem to make viewers wonder if Baker is homosexual, and Ponch is homophobic. However, what we do know for certain is that Peña has a very severe sex addiction. His weakness for fit-girls in yoga pants is probably one of the funniest and most realistic character traits of the movie. Despite his sex cravings, Peña is however a very experienced and very cocky federal agent, and Baker is, well – a rookie.

Baker’s early rookie mistakes are profound and wildly bizarre. At one point he tries to chase down a driver he saw without a seatbelt on, while Peña is pleading for him to stop over-patrolling.  As much time as they spend together, they do not get tired of one another. The closer the two get, the more they learn about each other’s backgrounds and goals. Once Baker finds out that Peña is actually an undercover FBI agent, he is excited to help solve the investigation Peña is undercover for. Together they team up and try to put the pieces together to solve the case.

Because of its action-packed scenes, controversial characters and funny moments, CHiPs shows similarities to films like Bad Boys (1995), Rush Hour (1998), Blue Streak (1999) and National Security (2003). Although it may not be as funny as those films, it is full of mature content and sexual interactions from sexting, to explicit content and nudity.

Viewers should expect these sexual references, along with lots of gunfire, explosions, fighting and other violence. All the medication pills Baker takes like Skittles may be difficult to ignore throughout the film, along with Peña’s unreliable motor-riding skills.  And in the end, expect everyone to get what they ultimately deserve – whether good or bad.

But don’t expect to laugh – too much.

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