Stabbing at Third Street Tap

NIAGARA FALLS, N.Y. – An incident on Third Street in Niagara Falls left four people injured early Sunday, Mar. 26.

Niagara Falls resident Eddie Alnardo Mayo, 35, is accused of stabbing four individuals at the Third Street Tap Room. None of the individuals’ injuries were life threatening. 

Jack Hornung, owner of the bar, released a public statement about the incident.

“An incident occurred at Tap Room where three people were stabbed and another grazed by the knife of one deranged individual,” said Hornung. “This happened at closing time and was not preempted by any sort of fight, just a simple argument.”

As a result of the incident, Hornung announced changes to the bar’s entrance policy.

“For the foreseeable future I will only allow the friends and family of myself and my staff in the bar,” said Hornung, “along with anyone with a student ID.”

While this change may hurt the bottom line of the bar, Hornung believes it is necessary.

“I refuse to put anyone in harm’s way ever again,” said Hornung. “I refuse to be a thorn on a surging business district and city.”

This is not the first incident in the thriving Third Street district. In October 2016, 26-year-old Evan Stafford assaulted a reporter and cameraman covering the opening of the new Art Alley.

The Third Street Tap Room is a popular spot for many Niagara University students. The Tap shuttle can often be seen transporting patrons to and from the bar, and students often receive special discounts.


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