Filing Suit

Pendleton sued by National Fuel

PENDLETON, N.Y. – National Fuel is suing the town of Pendleton over a proposed natural gas pipeline project.

The Northern Access Pipeline project, which includes the construction of a compressor station, was approved by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission on Feb. 3. Pendleton Town Board also approved the project.

On Feb. 13, the Pendleton building department denied National Fuel’s building permit application. The building department claimed that the area in question is only zoned for light industry that directly contributes to town infrastructure.

National Fuel did not appeal the denial, and is now suing the town for the delay. National Fuel claims that the approval by FERC explicitly prevents Pendleton from halting the construction.

Residents of Pendleton have been critical of the proposed project. The compressor station, which consists of two jet engines, has local farmers worried about noise pollution. The Pendleton Action Team, which was founded in 1992, has been increasingly vocal over its opposition to the project.

A dehydrator station set to be built in the neighboring town of Wheatfield has also be the aim of complaints. Town Supervisor Robert Cliffe previously stated that residents were concerned over the look and safety of the station.

The case will be heard in New York Federal Court early April.

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