A journey with Christianity

Students take on spreading the Christian faith over break

Melisa Reynoso

NIAGARA UNIVERSITY – Spring break is a time for us to relax and get away from all the school work we’ve had so far.

But how many of us actually take our breaks and try to help others rather than enjoy it for ourselves? Well Soar 40:31 did just that.

Soar 40:31 is a club on campus that prides itself on spreading the word of the Christian faith, especially with college students.

Leaders of Soar 40:31 put together a group of students from their club members to take a trip called the “Big Break.” In general, the reason for this trip was to spread the word of Christ and the Christian faith using the Vincentian mission.“Big Break” ended up in one of the most popular spring break destinations, Panama City, Florida.

With their goal in mind, a senior member of Soar 40:31, Tia Robinson, spoke about her experience on the trip.

“One thing I definitely learned on the retreat is that I can affect every person I come in contact with in a positive way by simply showing them who I am, and being genuine” Robinson stated.

Robinson also commented, “I am human and I make mistakes so being a ‘perfect’ Christian is impossible so I should  just strive to be the best Christian I can…”

Robinson is just one of the few that took part in this trip and came back with many memories and learned experiences.

This experience for many members, exceeded their expectations, and in addition having lots of fun under the sun.

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