“Titleless Relationship” or it is just a situationship?

Hello Miss Monte,
There is a guy that I have been in a “titleless relationship” with for almost two years now. He is a great guy and treats me well, at least I thought he did. I recently got a DM from a random girl that asked if I knew him. When I replied that he was my “friend” she revealed that she is his girl from back home and have been with him for three years. I don’t want to loose him, what should I do?


First I would like to say that a “titleless relationship” does not exist. Titles can be superficial but definitely necessary. We as women should expect more in a relationship and not settle for the promise of commitment. In your situation, I would talk further with this other woman and see if you could get more details about their situation. Do not look at this girl as a threat because she is in the same position as you, hurt and confused. You should approach the situation head on and search for the truth and approach him demanding just that. You deserve nothing but the truth and to be confident in your relationship, whatever that might be. Security can be one of the most important aspects of a relationship because without trust and security what do you have? Never settle for less than what you deserve even if that means moving on from something that you want to make room for something that you need.


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