FUTURE: One more album for the culture

One week, two albums, thank you Future Hendrix

Melisa Reynoso

Future, a well known Rap artist, surprised his fans by releasing two albums in one week.

Prior to his second album release HNDRXX, Future made an Instagram post asking his fans to be “loving, patient, and kind enough to understand that creativity heals all wounds.”

Future released FUTURE, another album, a few days before releasing HNDRXX which had fans talking left and right about the artist.

The first album that was released showed the same type of tempo-hype “trap” beats that he has continuously used in his past albums, DS2 Deluxe, What a Time to be Alive.  

The HNDRXX album shows us another side of Future that most fans were not expecting to see. It can be said that Future went “soft” on this latest album. He managed to keep his rap style and added some sentiment to it as well.

“Turn on me” is one of the many tracks that shows Future turning away from his normal “trap style” and becoming more emotional in his lyrics.

Even though Future gave fans an idea of the route he was going to take with this second album, his second album allowed his fans to enter into the mind of someone who has more to offer than just rap music.

Sometimes it is good for artists to show this side of themselves to fans, not only to show variety but as a way to open up to their fans.

Future elaborated on his Instagram post stating “bare with me through my trials and tribulations, my wrong’s and my rights.”

Every artists needs to know oneself in order to provide to their fans, and Future did this with two albums in just one week.

Without a doubt, Future gave his fans something to speak about with HNDRXX because of its differences from his normal rhetoric.

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