Fist Fight hits theatres

New comedy stars Ice Cube and Charlie Day

NIAGARA FALLS, N.Y. – Fist Fight, a new comedy directed by Richie Keen and starring Ice Cube, Charlie Day, Tracy Morgan and Jillian Bell, was released in theatres on February 17. With a screenplay by Van Robichaux and Evan Susser, the movie focuses on two high school teachers who plan on fighting each other on the last day of school before summer vacation.

In the film, Charlie Day stars as English teacher Andy Campbell. Campbell’s co-worker, Ron Strickland, played by Ice Cube, works as a history teacher. Strickland contrasts Campbell’s gentle and easygoing personality by scaring the students into behaving. One day, a student tries to pull a prank on Strickland and he responds by angrily smashing a desk. Campbell witnesses this outburst, and Strickland warns him not to tell anyone. However, when the principal states that they will both lose their jobs if they do not explain the incident, Campbell comes forward, causing Strickland to be fired.

Filled with rage, Strickland challenges Campbell to a fight after school. Campbell spends the rest of the movie trying (and failing) to find ways to avoid this confrontation. He goes to his friends Holly , the school counselor played by Jillian Bell and Coach Crawford, the gym teacher played by Tracy Morgan, for advice. Terrified of getting beat up by another teacher, he even consults students for help on getting out of the fight.

Fist Fight is a very funny film featuring some well-known comedic actors. Ice Cube, known for both his music and work in comedies such as 21 Jump Street, hilariously portrays a teacher who unapologetically instills fear in his students and colleagues. Charlie Day is another comedian who has become popular through his role in the show It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, for which he is also a writer and executive producer. Day’s comedic talent really comes through in his character’s pathetic attempts to get out of the fight. The relationship between Campbell and Strickland is one of the most compelling parts of the film. While the plot is very simple, with the fight being the center of the action, their differing personalities and teaching methods makes for an interesting dynamic.

Another element that adds comedy to the movie is the students, who are eagerly awaiting summer vacation and indulging in various pranks at the teachers’ expense. The film takes place in one day at a public high school, and it just happens to be one of the most chaotic days of the year. The immaturity of the teachers stands out and is even funnier with the students as spectators in their outrageous antics. In addition, the students are able to run wild while the adults are distracted by their own ridiculous affairs.

Fist Fight, despite having a very basic plot, highlights the comedic talents of Ice Cube and Charlie Day. The film provides 91 minutes of entertainment and laughs.

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