Nintendo Switches it up


It is finally here! On Mar. 3, Nintendo released its long-anticipated Nintendo Switch. The Switch is considered a hybrid console system. This means that the console can be taken on the road or played at home. This new system is similar to the Nintendo Wii in many ways. It can use motion to detect movement while holding a remote, or you can sit down and use a controller to play RPGs (Role Playing Games). The Switch has a 720p resolution touch
screen for on-the-go much like a tablet. The Joy-Cons are the remotes that attach to the Switch; used individually for multiplayer mode, or attached to the Joy-Con grip. The Joy-Con grip is made to feel like a regular gaming controller for when the Switched is hooked up to the TV.

The Switch gets eliminates of the use of a disc and disc drive. Games now are small cartridges and about the same size as a DS cartridge. Nintendo has taken extra steps in term of safety. The cartridges are coated with denatonium benzoate (a bitter agent), a nontoxic chemical. The reason Nintendo added the chemical was to deter children from putting the games into their mouth and to prevent choking.

With the release of the console there is also hype of the new games. The last console version of an original Legend of Zelda story was released in 2011 on a Nintendo console system. The Switch was released with the new Legend of Zelda a Breath of the Wild. This game has been praised by IGN, Forbes and many other news outlets. The game is considered one the “Best Reviewed Games in History”, according to Forbes. The open world and beautiful graphics lets the player immerse themselves into the game.


The Nintendo Switch sales for the United States have not been reported yet. However, according to Polygon, Nintendo sold an estimated 330,637 copies in Japan in the first three days. Although, the system is still new and has very little to offer right now, it will be interesting to see what Nintendo has in store for this new system.

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