Buffalo is “Into You”, Ariana Grande

Grande’s Dangerous Woman Tour stops at KeyBank Center.

BUFFALO, N.Y.- On Feb. 21, Ariana Grande brought her Dangerous Woman Tour to the KeyBank Center. Getting her start on the Nickelodeon show Victorious, Grande has ventured into music and has been highly successful. With a full house at the KeyBank Center, the Grammy-nominated singer played her latest release “Dangerous Woman” in it’s entirety, along with older songs.


Starting off with a 10 minute countdown, the crowd was anxious. Cat ears could be seen on all ages, a staple of the singer, but once she arrived via a hidden platform from underneath the stage, she opted for two mini buns reminiscent of Sailor Moon instead.

The opening intro of “Be Alright” was impressive, with choreography similar to Madonna’s “Vogue”. The 5-foot singer was surrounded by her group of dancers, who only added to her performance.

Then, flames shot up into the crowd during “Everyday”. Rapping Future’s part without a beat, Grande got the audience jumping up and down during his verse, screaming the lyrics right back at her as she strutted down the catwalk.

First seen with “Everyday,” Grande’s ability to rap effortlessly throughout the show on multiple guest feature’s parts was impressive. During No. 1 hit “Side to Side,” she rapped Nicki Minaj’s part while spinning on a bicycle, almost exactly like the music video. The singer took on Minaj and Jessie J’s part in “Bang Bang” later on as well, a feat in itself.


The performance was nothing short of visually appealing, with an LED screen that stretched across the arena, switching from close ups of the singer to backdrops that accompanied Grande’s performance. “Touch It” featured waves of light that bounced and dropped to her vocals. “Moonlight” had a screen set in space, purple and pink constellations surrounding the singer.

A notable video on the screen was a feminist interlude that was used during an outfit change. The short film featured Grande posing, while phrases such as strong, soft, not asking for it, and beautiful flashed over her. Ending with a black screen with “Female” displayed in big block letters, Grande expressed an empowering message on and off the stage.


“Dangerous Woman” was the fiery encore, with Grande striding across the catwalk in a PVC leather dress. The sultry song was the perfect clincher for the entire show, highlighting her critically acclaimed high octave vocals and overall ability as a performer. The show lived up to it’s namesake and certified Grande as a pop icon.

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